List your classic in Rare Form.

Passing the torch of your beloved classic is a big deal.  

Our approach to selling real estate is drenched in passion for highlighting the timeless charm of your home, along with the modern touches you have produced during your stay.

Being lovers of Minneapolis’s old home architecture, we had blood, sweat, and tears into restoring our beautiful 1920’s Mediterranean. We loved our home and knew that it had to go to someone who appreciated it just as much as we did, Rare Form made sure the torch was passed to the right buyer.  
— Kyle & Andrea, 1927 Tangletown Mediterranean
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• We pace your move, with immediate prelist planning
We assess your debt situation quickly, giving you quick advice
Our listings sell within five days


Expert design direction, free of charge staging
Art directed photography highlighting your spaces
Effective open houses to celebrate the torch passing


Straight Forward

 Transparency about what needs to be done to sell
 Aggressive pricing strategy rewards your execution   
Honest advice as offers arrive, 1st isnt always best.


How it works

Pre-List Meeting - Assess your home weaknesses, and value derived plan to remediate them

Scheduling Updates

Staging/ Photoshoot Planning


Market Launch - Event Open

Offer Review

Closing Preparation