Steven Imhoff- Founding Agent

After three years in corporate real estate listening to brokers push balance sheet agendas and pressing us into quick sales (to his own brother, in one case) to hit a vast monthly overhead, the writing was on the wall. Steve decided to make a clear separation from what makes real estate uncomfortable. For starters, people should be treated as people, not "transactions" going toward custom plates on a Range Rover.

Rare Form sprouted in 2006 brokerage focused on creating a movement around the culture and awareness surrounding period homes from 1900-1940.   Buying a home is a life changing event, and it should move along at your pace, whether you scour east Harriet for five years, or buy a duplex in Nokomis one impulsive afternoon.

At least that’s what we believe, and that’s what Rare Form has been about since it was founded in 2006. We won’t rip you off, and we won’t force you into anything that isn't the perfect fit. Our goal is to help you feel comfortable throughout the whole process and make informed decisions along the way.

If you’d like to see how independent real estate can be truly different, give us a call.

Steve Imhoff — Founder, Rare Form Properties
em. steve [at]
tel. 651.238.3216