Finding the right property for you.

Find the property that's right for you.

A starter home, second home, or hobo shack.

We have a passion for golden age homes, in and around the lakes in South Minneapolis. Whether you're seeking a neglected beauty to park a dumpster out back for a restoration, or you need a fully modern house on a double lot with a nanny's quarters, our approach will suit your needs and make the hunt as fun as you can imagine.

A space often starts out with a lot of potential, but may need a little help getting where you want it to be. Because we've done so many remodels over the years, we've formed the Rare Form Network: a selection of cost-effective and skilled craftsman for everything from your privacy fence to supplying a vintage in-room stereo (and discreetly wiring it). Adding the right touches to your home will also help maximize your investment.

Browse around below to see some stories of our friends that have benefited from the independence of Rare Form.