Wendy & Casey's Highland Move-up


Casey and Wendy just achieved mastery in real estate preparation for market.    While they would prefer to be backpacking Central America, hiking the mountains in Whistler, or planning their next far-reaching excursion, life had to be placed on hold for some "nesting" planning as Wendy is due any week now!

Eleanor was a terrific starter home tudor, however the crossroad decision was a daunting attic remodel, that proved quite costly.  Several contractor meetings later the decision was made to move-up.

"Two main floor living spaces" was one of Wendy's direct goals, and rightfully so with wild-child phenom, Emerson and her playtime antics, Mom was longing for more main floor social space.

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The new brick home is steps from the famed Horace Mann elementary in Highland, the walking score is the highest in St Paul with village, river, and parks within a block.   Casey is even claiming to become a master yogi with two studios within blocks, he is even opting for the slightly more crunchy Everest studio over the suburban luxury of Corepower.Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 1.53.03 PM

Kitchen is sprawling and open in the new home, a timeless Subzero, oak hardwoods throughout and amazing flow between dining and living rooms.   Wendy is planning on a color scheme redo, furniture sessions, and possibly some lighting upgrades once things settle in on Bayard Ave.


The Eleanor project was a huge success; a tribute to Wendy and Casey and their ability to task manage, and let go of their emotions regarding their homes appearance.

Over 5 weeks, we completed a main floor repaint, radiator restoration, butcher block countertop revival, and a rather intense furniture re-staging.

The results were staggering, a six offer bidding war with highest and best due within four days of our Thursday MLS launch.  Casey and I sipped a Kentucky bourbon, while Wendy read sap letters with emotions running high as the fate of six parties rested in our hands.

In the end, we chose the right buyer for the home, and the legacy of Eleanor lives.

Passing the torch of your classic home is a easier said than done.

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