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The Adams: Classic & Contemporary Design Meets Nokomis Tudor

The Adams: Classic & Contemporary Design Meets Nokomis Tudor

Becky Edit - For Web-27Spring of 2015 had a similar market to what we are experiencing this year. Low inventory, mass influx of buyers, and an incredibly competitive offer process. Adam and Adam were moving here from Madison - they made plenty of trips to come and see properties throughout the spring - searching to find the perfect blend of modern upgrades and timeless character.Becky Edit - For Web-1 After losing a few homes - one which they offered on, sight unseen - 5641 popped on the market over Memorial Day weekend and the Adams fell in love. Given the holiday, we were lucky to be able to negotiate with the sellers and avoid a bidding war.

Serendipitous timing.

About 6 months later, we circled back to see how the Adams have made the space their own and how life is transforming at their Nokomis Tudor.

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The kitchen was a huge focus for both of them as they enjoy cooking and entertaining. Nearly every home they considered prior required a kitchen renovation or modification. In fact, they often drive past some of the houses they passed on and smile thinking of the wonderful decision they made. As healthcare professionals, time is incredibly valuable between night shifts and surgical rotations - so diving into a whole home remodel may not have been a prudent decision for their lifestyle.

They love the open concept of the galley style kitchen as it generates wonderful flow for entertaining while maintaining separate space for each room.

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Adam and Adam have taken their classic style and blended it with the modern interior of 5641. They've incorporated antique rugs, minimalist style and fresh greenery to create a clean, yet inviting kitchen. Copper Blu Dot chairs combine modern lines with warm tones melding nicely into the dining room space.

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They've continued this throughout the main floor - melding warm wood and bold rugs with modern pops. Art is a common feature throughout their home as they are constantly on the lookout for unique pieces to re-curate their space each season.

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The staircase is a major focal piece of this home - the Adams have kept it clean and bright to delineate the space between living, dining, kitchen and upstairs. The beautiful yet industrial radiators create a vintage yet modern vibe in their space.

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A truly rare feature in S. Mpls homes - an upper level laundry. While Adam and Adam feel it's great for convenience, they'd prefer to see the light filled space as an office long term. To the right is a door that leads out onto a flat roof where entertaining would be fantastic - so they plan to make this a pass through space in the future.

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The modern bath may get a fixture update in the shower and tile on the floor. While wood warms the space, its not overly conducive to a wet environment.

Adam and Adam walked in MANY properties that required bathroom updates - typically full gut jobs. During our follow up, they both vocalized how wonderful it has been to live in a home where the majority of components are complete for them. They've been able to focus their energy and money on design, finishes, and art to personalize the space to them.

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The upper level is a reflection of the Adams unique style and taste in decor. They've converted one bedroom into a large closet space and added fantastic furniture and art pieces into the other spaces.

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Room and Board melds with vintage finds and wonderful greenery. A huge focus of any home should be adding plants and greenery to each room. It adds color, light and life to every space.

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Adam and Adam also included thoughtful advice to any new owner of a home - take furnishing and design one step at a time. Bringing in one-of-a-kind pieces is critical to creating a home unique to you. Rushing purchases will result in buyer's remorse, a jumbled space, or ultimately more money spent on re-design in the future. Adam's comment, "don't be afraid of an empty room, even if it is empty for 6 months to a year. Strong and cohesive design is more important than a quickly finished space."

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The basement is the perfect space for weekly Homeland viewings and guest stays. Keeping everything simple, comfortable and light is all that's required in our small, S. Mpls subterranean living spaces.

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Even with smaller lots, our urban backyards can be a wonderful extension of our homes in the spring, summer and fall months. Adam and Adam have modern fencing, fantastic landscaping and a wonderful patio space. With the addition of the rooftop deck in the future, they will have a posh exterior living space perfect for summer cocktail soirees.

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The Adams have transformed a rather cold modern interior into a warm blend of classic and upgraded style. Their furniture, decor, and art are a fantastic example of how contemporary our classic urban homes can look while preserving the character than makes them so unique.

Props to the Adams for creating such a carefully appointed space in their beautiful home. Their choice to focus on design rather than remodeling has been a fantastic decision as they forge ahead with new careers and social lives here in Minneapolis. We look forward to seeing their home continue to evolve!

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