Scott & Dirk's 1912 Lumber-Baron Time Capsule

This property is as rare as they come.  Ms. Aberdeen Barker owned this storied Tangletown residence since 1971!  This is in the same league as the previous article on Kyle & Molly's "Laughing Lady of Lyndale."  Scott and Dirk pounced on this mahogany lined brick craftsman after it was looked over for its rather tragic kitchen, complete with drop ceiling and Menard's cabinets. Rich in history from a great depression owner/builder suicide, this Elmwood craftsman features solid 2-3 inch mahogany doors, 16" burl cut Mahogany, crown molding and 8"H baseboard and built-ins richly appointed with original artisan stained glass.

After 6 years of notorious social gatherings in their Mill District Loft, Scott & Dirk are exuberant about the next level of social gathering they can now host.  Palatial spaces throughout the main floor and future poolside Tangletown lot will allow a barrage of unforgettable social mixers in 1912 form.

Cheers to Scott & Dirk as they embark on their craftsman revival journey, it will soon be added to the list of storied masterful Tangletown restorations!


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