Minnetonka Mills: Modern Ranch

The owners of this clean and tidy Minnetonka ranch have decided it's time to depart Minnetonka for South Minneapolis, after 15 years of meticulous ownership. A flawless maintenance record, and recent renovations to sell include a designed bath remodel, and the entire house being repainted via Imhoff Painting.  Similar tactics compose Rare Form's approach to pre-market design.

The space defines turn key in a starter price point:  $264,999.  Expecting multiple offers by weeks end after a month of pre-market design for market.

Contact us for private walk through.  SOLD!


The model PROVED REWARDING AGAIN!  John & Nell sold there home in 72 hours for $5,000 over asking price.


This home is a testament to preparation and staging, the sellers did an impeccable job of preparing the home for sale, including the designed renovations that peaked their market value.


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