Kingfield 1924 Double Bungalow Revival

  We recently completed a revival of a 1924 Kingfield double bungalow that is steps from Martin Luther King Park, and walking distance to Corner Table, Anodyne, and the Kingfield Farmers Market!

The kitchens, baths, and hardwoods where all restored within a 6 week timeline.  Finished photos to follow.

The duplex was abandoned and left with a ton of maintenance needs, we are presently redoing the stucco all around and tearing out and re-coursing a majority of the original brick work.


The Martin Luther King Duplex is our 4th Kingfield restoration project since 2010.   The interior is the focus and stucco and landscaping to follow.


Gremlin, Bonzer and Jennifer assess the project pre demolition.


A little known remodeling tip in South Minneapolis and craftsman era homes, is the presence of AMAZING douglas fir subfloor.   It does require the spitting motivation to ensure layers and layers of linoleum.   Once stain and poly is applied the fir coats out in a vibrant and wild grain, giving a smooth transition from main floor oak or maple commonly throughout the remaining spaces.


Chop block counter-tops are terrific in income properties and South Minneapolis style interiors-  they offer flexibility of differing stain options, we sealed ours with Emmet's Oil Poly and I would highly recommend their product, two light sanding between coats and the finish is smooth and polished looking.



The upper and lower units received identical new bathrooms with Delta fixtures, subway tile, and new solution to shower windows that ended up working flawlessly.  Our experience with glass block has been negative as they tend to leak into the framing over time creating major moisture issues.  Removing the window all together works well however added complications with stucco repairs etc.  See below for our smoked glass solution.


Handyman Larry was instrumental in handling all the details with an older craftsman- planing of doors, installing locks, etc.


Smoked glass shower windows post charcoal grout!


Floors through the MLK bungalow where sanded to bare and sealed with walnut oil followed by 4 coats of satin poly.