Hardwood Refinishing: having it done right!


HARDWOOD Refinish at Kingfield Bungalow Duplex from Steve Imhoff on Vimeo.

One of the most dramatic 'before & after' alterations you can make to your craftsman era property is having your hardwood floors and mill-work refinished.  We have become very passionate in the realm of refinishing, taking neglected and abused surfaces and turning them into art gallery worthy spaces.

'It is all in the prep'- as many of our hardwood contacts have stressed, a typical 4 stage sand starts with 40/60/100/180 grit sequences to get the floors stain ready.

We have many contacts in the industry, and after trying them ourselves it is an upgrade that definitely is worth hiring out.   As for pricing here is our experience:

  • $1.75 per foot- sand & re-coat no stain- sand, coat with 3 coats of oil or water based poly
  • $2-2.50 per foot- adding stain process prior to re-coat.
  • $2.75-3 per foot- complex staining and added coats for longer duration
  • Stairs are 40-65 per riser and pad- depending on condition.