Bryn Mawr Duplex Revival- Same owner since 1950

Verna Knowles lived across from Wirth Lake in this duplex since 1950. Opportunities like this one come up rarely in the multi-unit environment.  We walked through this Bryn Mawr-Theodore Wirth Park duplex last week and met the owner Verna sitting content in her lazy-boy "come on in boys!"  Verna told stories of her 63 years of ownership:  "we just remodeled the kitchens."  I suppose when you reside in the same home for 6 decades, redoing a space 10 years ago is indeed recent!

We are patiently awaiting acceptance of our offer on this gem of revival project.   Renovation planning will include modern kitchens/baths and a splashes of character inside and out.   We are excited to clean and restore all the original fixtures, knobs and switches.

Steps to Theo Wirth and minutes to downtown, this is sure to be another high demand project, we will keep up on renovation progress as it unfolds!

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