Rare Form Restoration: Stucco Refinish


Bold hues over stucco are all the rage in lakes area renovations.   Just this past spring, I had my Kingfield bungalow duplex repainted from standard stucco to a bold and timeless Green from Benjamin Moore.   Cautioned by all, we pressed on and painted the entire exterior.   It has established a great vibe on our block, setting the tone for the nearby Kingfield 'Sundays' farmer's market. Adding a modern bold color sets the tone for your entire property, allowing you to express the energy for your home as well.

Stucco is best sprayed with a commercial sprayer, to get within the cracks and crevices and seal the exterior.   The most critical component of this project is a thorough pressure wash.   It is recommended to pressure wash the stucco with a 10 hp or higher machine, to create a new clean finish for the paint to adhere to.

Should you decide to tackle your exterior, I have two places to start:  Ben at Imhoff Painting within our contractor network is an excellent resource for finishing solutions @651-238-3339.   Selecting color is a daunting task, made easier with the knowledge of Tom at Edina Hirshfield's.