Clark's Regal Revival of 1927

4920 1st Ave S-60.jpg

Regal Revival:

Limestone Archway leads you into tudor-deco renaissance.

The Clarks landed 1927 following their relocation from a Lakeview row-home in Chicago. They were storied stewards that exemplified the baby-boomer approach to maintaining a classic home- systems and structure.

Matt’s captains the 757/67 for United, which created their sudden departure to be closer to base at ORD.

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The checklist mantra of aviation shines through in 4920’s detail:

  • On Demand High Efficiency Boiler

  • Carrier AC units dual zone

  • Limestone Masonry restoration from bottom soldier course up

  • flat roof over master suite

  • redesigned gutter system channeled into drain tile circuits

4920 1st Ave S-4.jpg

The Clarks executed our design plan flawlessly.

Deidre’s spec was an efficient and minimal tuning that was prescribed to amplify the architectural rarities of this Tudor Revival.

4920 1st Ave S-1.jpg

The Spanish notes of the era shine through from the curb and greet you boldly with the columned triad of archways into the sunken living hall.

Deidre’s delivered a rug decor from her suppliers that is all available to stay in the home, including the vintage Turkish mammoth pictured below, sprawling across the entire living room and creating such a cozy mood to accompany the gas fireplace.

4920 1st Ave S-5.jpg
4920 1st Ave S-8.jpg

Opal glass has become one of our obsessions, particularly with the 30’s tudor era, the three light centered in the middle arch was a brilliant and fitting choice, throwing the proper lighting mood on the entry.

The coved bay window banks are a stately and complex plaster detail from the era, present in both the living and dining, they are finished with inset radiator cabinets which drew us to the title for her as the Regal Revival.

4920 1st Ave S-9.jpg

Three part crown molding is throughout the sprawling main floor, providing picture rail for the art collector, and re-styler with the seasons.

The true french door walkout provides natural light for the aperture lovers, while providing indoor-outdoor flow is so commonly lost in period era classics- outside the Clarks commonly spent post bedtime in their cedar lined yard.

*artwork by Jessie Edelman- NYC based.

4920 1st Ave S-11.jpg

While the ever popular craftsman era is near and dear to our hearts, the growth of cleanliness and uniformity in design is what resulted in the next phase of architecture that ran from 1926-1935. The built-in storage throughout the Regal is ever present, but not bulky and overbearing.

4920 1st Ave S-3.jpg

The cocktail hutch flanks the dining arch and provides the social center of entertaining your network and loved ones.

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4920 1st Ave S-17.jpg
4920 1st Ave S-18.jpg

Deidre showcased the melon ball paper that completely spun the entire mood of the kitchen, playful with the MCM globe and the softens the formality of the honed marble and white enameled shakers.

4920 1st Ave S-49.jpg

The deco era baths are becoming more and more extinct thanks to HDTV and our trend culture- stay tuned for our feature on the prowess of original bathrooms.

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We would like to thank the Clarks, for putting in the execution of our curation strategy, and for trusting the process that allowed us to make their architecture glow for their golden hour of ownership .

Be the owner of record.

Steven Imhoff