Jeanette's 1927 E. Nokomis Time Capsule

Eight offers in 2012, this 1927 center-firebox-tudor wonder is a lesson in cyclical timing, and the importance of scarcity of urban locales.

the current owners swung for the fences to acquire her period correctness, at a price point that was a historical lowpoint.

Jeanette’s parents built her, and she was passed down to her in mid-life, story goes she spent her entire life within her birch-lined plaster.

4723 Nokomis Ave Exteriors-2.jpg

her oak hardwoods were filled with nails, to keep down on the squeaks of her shuffling through narrow paths led through the main commons, amidst the hoarding that resulted from many of the depression era, it was told that four dumpster were needed to clean-out 1927.

period era homes of craftsman - tudor era, were never constructed without foundry castings in the living quarters.

the five globe you see below is circa 1927, however her box was mudded smooth during the mid-century era, when clean ceilings were on-trend.

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-2.jpg
mining the original light boxes throughout Minneapolis grants the greatest sense of security, as few humans can deny the nostalgia of period glow amongst craft millwork and a stately fire.

the aesthetic combination of Design in rare form’s (DRF) deidre webster is really highlighted at jeanette in her lighting and wall coverings.

millwork at jeanette is extremely special, following the complete stripping, sanding, staining and 4-5 coats of conversion varnish. the mantle alone was taken down to bare wood, as the sun and elemental age over the decades had taken its toll on her finish.

4723 Nokomis Ave Vignettes-3.jpg

millwork above doesnt come without blood, sweat, tears, and proper procedure:

  • carbide scrapper to pull off all failed finishes.

  • orbital sander with 80/100 grit in sequence until

  • hand sanding the edge detail, to ensure the stain will lay even

  • denatured alcohol terry wipe / tack cloth to remove all dust

  • stain sample in inconspicuous area / once selected stain entire room by room

  • spray 3-4 coats of conversion vernish, lightly sanding 220 in-between coats

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-3.jpg

millwork restoration is a competency of ours that we must credit to our immigrant craftsman, without them it would not be possible to pull off this level of finish within the confines of our pre-listing budgets. the passion and determination exuded by them all, is saddening from a sense of human rights, but we will go more into that later.

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-4.jpg

radiator procedure is often asked about, and for good reason. an HVLP air sprayer is used to spray, however the preparation is paramount as with all fine finishes.

  • wire brushing and sanding out any failure points in the old finish

  • compressed air bath to remove all dust, followed by a tight mask-down

  • Kemkromic commercial metal primer is used for the base coat, applied while boiler is on

  • finish coat is applied in 2-3 coat applications, curing time is accelerated from the heat

4723 Nokomis Ave Vignettes-7.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-5.jpg

the center fireplace tudor affords such a social layout, this is something not seen in earlier craftsman, victorian, and colonial era floorplans. additionally, the ability to arch the kitchen wall, provides the user with a sprawling 1000’ floorplan that flows effortlessly from front to back.

ultimately, Jeanette is proof that taking the time to uncover a home’s authenticity and origin story pays-off tenfold when walking the halls of the finished product.

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-6.jpg

harry bertoia centers our dining room stage, with southern exposure, and solid birches allow the closure of the upper and main sleeping quarters for adult time :)

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-8.jpg

design changes everything, see below. this exemplifies the talents and competencies created by dRF (design in rare form)

Maraham wall coverings were masterfully selected to add punch to this 50’s kitchen, playful seafoam, nordic butcher block, and restored fir turned her kitchen into a talking point, straight from Mad-men central casting.

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-9.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-10.jpg

the cherry condition of these antique appliances, one that is sure to fetch top dollar in the realms of period collectors. the owners never swapped these out, after assuming they would immediately, they fell in love with the surprisingly functional prowess of the kosher dual range and the paddle door general electric.

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-11.jpg

our rare form signature in play below, the stripped to stain restored linen stack, sets the tone for the slumber quarters of 1927.

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-12.jpg

Deidre nailed the wallpaper in the original bath, effectively saving it from extinction forever! shortly after this shoot, her social post was picked up by design sponge with garnered 15,000 likes on instagram.

we replaced the fixtures to Moen black, carefully patching the original tiles in the shower, and mating the new faucet to the original pedestal.

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-14.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-13.jpg

cedar lined fencing custom built, a terrific pine sets the mood for this creekside greenspace.

4723 Nokomis Ave Exteriors-3.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-16.jpg

arched opening in the present main floor master, we discussed adding an arm sconce here to make this a minimalist’s home office.

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-17.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-18.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-20.jpg

second story is asking for the master suite shed dormer, however we made her pristine for now. loft setup is perfect as a media room, while the front bedroom is guest or home office.

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-21.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-22.jpg

original paper in the upper, with paneling added and enameled in the perfect selection to make the vintage paper pop!

4723 Nokomis Ave Interiors-23.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Vignettes-4.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Vignettes-5.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Vignettes-6.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Vignettes-8.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Vignettes-9.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Vignettes-10.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Exteriors-4.jpg
4723 Nokomis Ave Exteriors-5.jpg