Design in Rare Form: NYTimes Edition

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The market's climate is mirroring that of global warming, as the melting value of what the baby boomers called the "Starter Home" is creating a rush for higher ground! 

Twenty-eighteen is the story of the move-up.

Busy young families, like the Bain's, who outgrew their 1927 tudor before they fully realized it's aesthetic potential because they couldn't help but ask themselves: why not invest $100k more and get double the house?

This on the heels of Rare Form's builder phenom: Joseph Ring, presenting them with a bid for a two story addition including; excavating the attached one car garage for a walk-in basement, and adding a two car garage sunk into their creekside hill. 

A gigantic home would follow, with sprawling walkout kitchen, and a fu*k-you Master bath!

Ian the dynamo on the house hunt with Mom in Kingfield, spring 2018.

Ian the dynamo on the house hunt with Mom in Kingfield, spring 2018.

Then the numbers arrived following a series of trade estimates to round out the proposed revamp; while worth the investment, Eric & Jessie have their second rocket-science child to join the ranks of whip-smart Ian Bain, and they weren't feeling the band-width to accommodate a large scale renovation.

What is a young family to do while little Ian is teetering down the stairwell, and another is incoming? With no time to execute their timeless tudor to her full market potential. MORE SPACE NOW!

Enter Deidre Webster - the captain of Rare Form's budding architectural design division:

Design in Rare Form.

Her midwestern work ethic mingled with high end design: Webster’s nordic-viking-mother moxie, she was fired up about the deco tudor’s natural swagger.”
— Steve- in aww over Websters drive

Fresh from renowned architecture firm HGA Architects & Engineers in the North Loop.  Webster walked through the textured archways of 5101 and saw past the ketchup & mustard paint scheme.

The following week her design spec arrived in Rare form!

The mantra at Design in Rare Form is, to grant the architecture the starring role. With the belief that it's the heirloom qualities of our classic homes that deserve the limelight.   

The supporting roles are everything in a truly memorable performance. 1927 had the star power, and Webster delivered the elements that is what created the standing ovation.  

  • Lighting Curation- restored vintage meets blogger modern
  • Millwork & Finishes Palette- crisp tones and revitalized millwork 
  • Listing in Rare Form- decor, art, & plants that fit the personas in S. Mpls

All said and done, Webster's team revitalized Bain's '27 deco & kept the budget around $10k.  Their is no shortcut to great design, and the Bain's were rewarded handsomely for their trust in our guidance with their investment.

This is what catches the eye of the New York Times:

In addition to appreciating the finely tuned eye that Deidre brought to 5101, it seems the rest of the country is catching up to what those of us in South Minneapolis and surrounding neighborhoods have known for some time: The value of a home extends beyond the confines of your freshly painted walls. It includes living someplace where the bike-commuter and weekend stroller are welcome among the masses. Where it's easy to waltz out your door and get an excellent cup of coffee or land next to a beautiful lake. 

With Deidre lending her talents to Design in Rare Form we suggest you keep your eyes on the look out for our next New York Times nod, as the editor politely asked for "prelist" of our incoming inventory.  

(regarding the coined 'prelist' we aren't a corporate brokerage, so don't plan on us taking advantage of our listing clients and entering contracts off MLS in the retail single family market/ investment properties however do inquire ;))