'26 Bryant Craftsman: Boatworks Edition


our 1926 craftsman revival, taken from dire straits to Bristol’ boatworks flawless over a tiresome winter long restoration, Sandusky was a stem to stern revival.

  • 2 large bedrooms with new Anderson windows

  • Cook's Kitchens-deep commercial sinks, honed granite & butcher block

  • Renovated baths with custom tiled showers and original hex & brick

  • East Facing Sun Porch/Den for morning coffee & vinyl lounges

  • Matte Bona Finished Oak Floors, restored Millwork throughout in boat gloss

  • Period Correct lighting & Metallic epoxied US radiators throughout units

  • Contact us for availability and to schedule a tour.

3733 Columbus Ave-32.JPG

Great things happen with a hangover.  

Following a signature duet dinner evening with Ms. Barr, we embarked the morning after for Sunday Sea Bass Pho @ Quang in Whittier. 

Halfway through my first fountain coke, and never-ending steaming goodness of the sea, the bungalow line started rattling as Mr Pomerenke was following up on my walk-through of '26 double bungalow in Bryant.  

I exited to the parking lot on bustling eat street, jacket-less, and a wretched pair of sweats would make for a perfect pace car setup for the grind ahead.  

Bill was in contact to see if I wanted to come back for the upper unit, little to my knowledge at the time, the classic duplex bait-and-switch was at play.  Nerves are cool as late fall waters, I asked him if the seller would sign an as-is offer without viewing the upper unit....

3733 Columbus Ave-26.JPG

Time had passed and Bill rang yet again with news from Mr Hay, the presiding owner of 30 plus years.   They had a myriad of showings incoming, but like many owners from yesteryear, the as-is action was music to the ears of a vacated and rather armchair operator landlord .

We came to terms... right there at Quang, pending wet signatures and delivery of the binding agreement... 

Following the success I had a sudden feeling of discontent, what if the upper unit is a disaster??

3733 Columbus Ave-4.JPG

Sure enough...  I was correct.  The Monday  morning to follow we entered the upper unit.  Thick British racing green berber was stem to stern, covering all her original white oak. 

The dining room built-in, 15' in width  was completely overshadowed, stacked end to end with sneaker boxes!  A shoe collection for the heavens: 90's Pumps, Jordans, a library of early era hip hop icons, all mint and still in the box! 

Tenants and leases travel with property, and while I was excited to meet this duo of the upper level, it wasn't a sight that gave the seller any leverage in the marketplace.  

We met well before closing, and agreed to terms for them to remain in the property as long as it took to reasonably find a repalcement, which they did in Bancroft months later.  

3733 Columbus Ave-18.JPG

This craftsman restoration was mind numbing: a grueling process of plaster and millwork survival that uncovered 3 layers of wallpaper, and original shellac had muddled the oak grain- 2700 feet of twenties era revival.  

3733 Columbus Ave-27.JPG

We departed our signature dark millwork on this building, a blend of special walnut and provincial was used to give the tone a more medium brown bear vibe. 

As always the decision to go full gloss, is painful and expensive.

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