Perkins’ Palace - 1912 Heritage Victorian

Glisteningly restored oak millwork, 2.5” maple floors, original beveled stained glass windows, and double decker 4-season porches:

Welcome to the Perkins’ Palace.

She was constructed in the bygone era of 1912 - sturdy enough to make it through 106 years & ready for 106 more.

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Small but elegant details in door handles and stained glass windows and other small subtleties are what set old, classic homes apart from the rest of the pack.
— Matt Perkins
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At Rare Form we hold firm in the belief that millwork is Queen and should be treated as such.

Our trades know just how to bring the sparkle back to 106 year old oak, never taking short cuts when it comes to championing the glory years.

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Deidre took the kitchen from zero to hero with her keen eye for modern touches and her knack for picking just the right cabinet color. A kitchen isn’t just utilitarian, for whipping together mac ‘n cheese in 10 minutes. It can also be a room with style.

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Forced air is a submission to the automation of our culture today. We celebrate the radiator and never miss a chance to highlight these beautiful beasts with high-gloss metallic finishes.

Drawing your eye to something that normally gets ignored.

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The backyard was our first project when we moved in. It was no more than a pit of dying sod and little else. Transforming that into a gathering space for friends and family to bbq and entertain along with creating a parking pad for off street parking was key to utilizing the full potential of the outdoor space.
— Matt Perkins
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