casa tranquila; the Kingfield Pioneers

The Gerszewskis could write the book on modernizing a craftsman home.

Some of the wisest sellers we have encountered in all of South Mpls.

  'Casa Tranquila' was so tastefully done, by addressing the specific strengths and weaknesses of urban life, & altering their 1912 foursqaure, making it very difficult to depart. 

4243 Blisdell Exteriors-2.jpg

The Gerszewskis landed in Kingfield in 2005, when alley graffiti was the norm, and what is now a french bistro, was a tanning/video suite.  Each corner from all blocks in all directions has transformed since they began updating 4243 Blaisdell.    

Featured on the cover of SW journal last summer, the 42nd block has 12 boys under the age of 2, the Kids of Kingfield are alive and well on the eastern edge of the neighborhood.   

Casa Tranquila is setting the tone for fit & finish and future value of Kingfield.  While compact in overall size, its rooms are cozy on all levels, even as you enter the outdoor space- which is their favorite room in the house.

Our drone shoot below depicts the stark contrast of carefully planned and designed greenspace, enriched with irrigation that runs nightly, meanwhile a digitial media source powers the outdoor speakers, maintaining the social mood from inside to out.  

4243 Blisdell Exteriors-8.jpg

Cedar privacy fencing transforms your lawn into a room.  The cap and wrap style below is a classic style that looks craft worthy along the 20's era home.  

Grass as green as this requires irrigation, Charlie runs his nightly to spray in the evening, giving the sod a nice long overnight drink.

They have accomplished two mediums outside:  the dining area and living-room lounge.  When operating in a classic home with a traditional footprint, this space is crucial to the entertainers; allowing a party of 25-30 comfortably.

The annual Blaisdell holiday gathering is a testament, as the Gerszi's have a rocking guest list of 35-45, bathing in libations and 80's throwbacks to the wee hours!

4243 Blaisdell Ave-44.jpg

Front porch is classic-enameled bead board cieling, with wide plank Douglas fir flooring.   Porch swing and outdoor lounge flank each side, making this a terrific space for watching the action on the Kingfield sidewalks espiecially on market sundays.

4243 Blaisdell Ave-17.jpg

The foursquare layout is a mighty might for social gatherings- every inch of the main floor is functional and flowing from media space- to fireside room- to dining- to kitchen- and into the outdoor room.  The space is oddly comparable to several shelves above, as far as the graciousness of the common areas.

The mini-splits were installed in the summer of '15, Mitsubishi has proven over impressive to the technology appetites of the Gerzewski's.   The feedback has been overtly positive:  efficient, quiet operation, and the ability to heat pump function in the spring and fall.  

4243 Blaisdell Ave-18.jpg

J. Jorgensen design selected the atomic lighting for the dining, and the large drum shades that give presence to the towering ceilings in the living room.  Blending a modern touch, or a period fixture within your old home, creates the energy that gets us up in the morning!

Radiators and boiler pipes have been finished in industrial enamel.  We completed the radiator celebration six months prior to market launch.  

This application was blown and lightly sanded, then sprayed with 4 coats of industrial oil enamel.

4243 Blaisdell Ave-20.jpg

Minnesota window restoration completed sash kits on all the original windows, then adding modern storms for energy performance while maintaining the arts & crafts feel of the 1912 leaded glass.  

4243 Blaisdell Ave-24.jpg

Dining quarters are striking and beaming for your guests- plate rail is original and borders the room allowing for plaster free decorating.  The piano windows all function and leaded glass is preserved and intact.  

Adding modern storms to your exterior will greatly extend the longevity of the original millwork.  

4243 Blaisdell Ave-38.jpg

Celebrating the details from decades before, when craftsmanship was more important than bottom lines of the construction indsutry today.

4243 Blaisdell Ave-26.jpg

We would like to thank Charlie and Marisol for producing such a terrific case study, the correct craft process to modernize a period craftsman, amending the necessary spaces while preserving the originality for generations to come.  

That is what its all about. 

4243 Blaisdell Ave-37.jpg

Burled oak built-in above, not technically built-in, however they're keeping it at in the space for the next owners to enjoy.

Kitchen above was completed by TilsenBilt, a design build firm from Charlie's childhood.

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