Nye's 1913 Mission Bungalow

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Striking Craftsman Gold, Zaheer & Elizabeth become the third owner of this stately 1913 Kingfield Bungalow, with period detail and deco millwork one would expect along Isles Pkwy.

Zaheer & Elizabeth are investors in period architecture, and exemplify the core mission of our brand.   They desired purely to restore a significant home with a lasting history, such indulgence for destruction has to be carefully selected.

Following a meeting in early March, it was clear that investment direction was needed.  Presently residing in one of our favorite true lofts in Mill District, American Trio, which they acquired on lender short during the collapse.  

They are presently condo owners, and those that desire architecture in all forms, this loft is souring 12' brick, huge concrete forms and polished concrete, a true blueprint for the style of home that was warranted; one with classic craftsman swagger.

The spring market quest was a devoted one.  We tackled MLS, non-MLS, the latest and greatest of all the classic homes from River-Hiawatha west to Lake Harriet.  

The style and amount of updating unfolded, and over the course of the search, Z&E made a conscious decision to tee the ball up a touch higher, knowing that whatever selection they make, it was for mass improvement and a long hold, making ROI a major factor.   

We danced from starters in Nokomis in the low 2's, to Sotheby's prepared retail wax jobs, that listed at 400 and easily climbed in the the 450 range upon multiple offers.  This voyage through price levels and locations allowed this duo to develop a keen sense of the notes they were seeking, ultimately giving them the market prowess to defeat every other Kingfield buyer and broker during the moments that Nye's came live.

I entered Nye's 1913 MIssion Craftsman in the early morning on a listing Tuesday, I was in immediate contact with Z&E to let them know it didn't need to be seen.  The spaces were grandiose, a complete understatement from its cozy exterior.  The millwork had an remarkable curved profile that was subtle, clean, & art deco.

It was a home, that in all honesty, is the very reason we pound the streets of Minneapolis, to ensure that storied owner homes like this one, land in the proper care during passing.  

We wrote with terms similar to a seasoned investor looking to add to a portfolio, which isn't common to have that sure-fire positioning as a first time buyer.

It was clear to the seller that this was a Rare Form Preservationist, and that we were here to carry on the legacy of his home, with the utmost respect and loyalty to the stewardship that had kept this interior feeling like the insides of a mission antique warehouse!

Nye never expected to leave his home, following his first 35 years, he always assumed it would be his last.   The story of his decisison to sell was heartfelt, and shared at closing, something that we will always keep private between seller and buyer.

When you land on a home like this, you have to let the handyman items go, Z&E understood that they were on a quest to modernize all of the systems, we took this into consideration when preparing our proposal to share a closing table in June.

Landing a 1913 MIssion Bungalow centered in Kingfield, an absolute preservationist grale, prior to Nye, the previous owner was the original owner, making these Rare Formers the third owners in 104 years.  

Above the porch photos, a tone setter for the magitude of classic home to follow.  Original marble Terrazzo bordered in local limestone.  The porch is blogger cool, an influencer level if the proper lipstick selections are implemented.

That 1913 mosiac greets you as you enter, Victorian profile radiaotors have a richened detail thoughout the main floor.   Nestled below the Argyle leaded glass that greet Wentworth passerby's.

The torpedo pendant centers the living room, dividing the box beams overlooking the firebox that appears to have been taken from an Isles Mansion.  

This is the lighting style, when surrounded by updated color scheme, that really defines your space, we are antique lighting addicts, and we will continue to press every client from rental properties to luxury classics, to restore to period appropriate! 

The above photos were captured prior to Nye's move-out.   Mission furniture was stamped and legit throughout the home.   We're excited to see the flair and spin that Z&E's decor places on the interior, as they have taped off all the furniture pieces, pre-finish space planning as any designer would!

The box beam is original to the dining quarters, a profile that we haven't witnessed, much more monumental than the typical square beam profile.

The dining three light is not original, and Elizabeth is planning a replacement once they get through the first phase of renovation.  

A detail of the blown style shimmer to the torpedo globes was absolutely necessary, any photograph doesn't do this light justice.


The dining built-in is a complete one-off, petite leaded glass doors all function flawlessly with spring loaded ball clasps.  Sconces are wired to a switch and will remain, even after they perform a Rare Form guided millwork restoration.  

Zaheer and Elizabeth above at their first spring walk-through, they were amazed by the immense natural light, craftsman style has an unfortunately poor reputation for natural light, this example defied that stereotype, with front to back southern exposure in Living, Dining and Kitchen.

The kitchen is quickly being undone, a photo below from closing day will set as the before.  

The linoleum tiles and 1/4 subfloor has already been demoed, as the hardwoods will be stain matched along with some slight patching, planned finish is a blonde Scandinavian vibe. (However I will touring them through Jen & Alan's tudor to see there pickled oak, which is upcoming on the blog!)

Scaffolding was required to get all the wallpaper fremoved from the cieling, this was a thankful equipment dontation from Zaheer's parents.   Floor demo and wallpaper removal was completed all by Z & E, and to my suprise it didnt defeat them prior to completion.  

The main floor guest room is planned for media lounge, and appropriately coated in sleepy dark navy for soothing relaxing days in the den.  Original 1913 sconces are staying :)

We couldnt be more proud of Zaheer & Elizabeth, as Nye's Mission bungalow is a far cry from the turn key condition of their condo, its that growth over a period of months we hope to replicate with all our clients seeking a period correct space to restore. 

Congrats again Z & E, we cannot wait to follow up next spring with a restoration update, and to see those glistening floors and modern decor.  In the meantime, we have sent them to the Walker to get artful inspiration for their everyday space.