Molly & Kyle's Laughing Lady of Lyndale

1912 Tangletown Brick Bungalow

Buying Sight-unseen Facetime

Kyle & Molly relocated from DC in 2013.   This Lyndale beauty was under contract prior to their Facetime walk-through, the current buyer had their inspection, and walked away due to possible moisture issues in the basement.

In over ten years of selling classic homes, this is truly one of the most remarkable, mainly for its period correctness, and secondly that these two wildcats bought her via a wifi hotspot!


She was built brick by brick in the height of the craftsman era, her porthole burled oak door sets the tone for the refined amazement you'll see throughout.  

  • 12 foot cielings throughout the main floor

  • Crown molding profile only scene in turn of century mansions

  • original windows with argyle grills

  • stained glass piano windows throughout the main

Dan Murphy of Soul Asylum, the previous owner, departed rock and roll, for a career as an Art Deco Pinup secondary market gallerist.   Dan kept the contents of his artwork stock in the basement at the time of purchase, creating skepticism of the first buyers reasoning.

I knew it was a sign, when walking the home for the first time, seeing Dan’s photo with Bill Clinton, as months prior I visited the oval office and have a similar photo with Barack.
— Molly Fitzgerald


Since purchase the dehumidifier rarely runs, due to the large three foot classic soffits, another lesson that all things can be course corrected within the scope of old home issues.  

We would have missed this amazing period craftsman home, if we had made Lyndale a sticking point.
— Molly Fitzgerald

The nature in which they pounced on this home, is what makes the storybook, having the panache to invest that amount via facetime and the confidence in our conditional assessment of the home, moving quickly following another parties cancellation due to inspection.

Living on Lyndale

Initially when we decided to move back from DC, our thought was targeting Northeast.   Following wedding visit and being hosted by the Raasch's on 4200 block of Lyndale, we spent the weekend carrying on around South Minneapolis.  

We had the best time bonding on their front porch, on Lyndale, it felt like a neighborhood even though it was on a busy street.   Prior to this weekend, I never would have envisioned ourselves living on a busy street.

DC Condo to 1912 Craftsman

Market pricing was vastly helpful, as a studio condo in the pockets of DC they coveted, was a greater investment than a legacy creating brick home in Minneapolis.  One touching commonality in this transition from renter to classic home ownership, is the vast responsibility as the steward of maintenance.

When a period correct flaw would occur: the argyle frames on the front windows for example, Kyle had a ton to say regarding the levity of stewardship, and understanding that a long lineage of owners have loved the home prior to you, and its important to take its maintenance & care in stride.  

You do your best, from settling etc, to maintain the integrity of the trim and millwork.   You have to get used to old home ownership, it takes time to train yourself to not have to immediately repair every flaw that becomes apparent to the keen eye.  The little tiny things that need attention, that list grows and grows in an old home.  
— Kyle McMahon

Kyle's basement shop quickly evolved, its an impressive array of classic tooling  organized clearly with a keen eye.

Social life in South Mpls 

This is amazing, how did you find this place?   What’s the history behind this home?
— Common questions from visitors

The house always pulls emotion out of every visitor.  Questions ensue over the history due to the originality, 12' ceilings. huge crown and stained-glass throughout  the space.   It's one of those magnificent examples of craftsman architecture that cannot be captured in a photograph.  

Having our core group of friends all investing in classic homes in the area has been huge for our social life.  It becomes so easy to get together, and lets the kids play while we catch-up on life, share moments at each others homes on a whim.

Aoife has friends all over Kingfield and Tangletown, she is considered a social butterfly in her crew thus far, she is definitely the one that developed a outwardly open fondness for the men in her life.

The nextdoor app has been helpful to keep an eye on neighborhood action, however they have noticed unintended Inherent racism with certain South Minneapolis residents.   Posts are commonly attributed to security concerns, alley activity etc.

The scary thing is people don't realize how narrow minded it is, we lived on the east coast and find the sensitivity to crime in Minneapolis comical.

Window Man

When we first moved in- we called Renewal by Anderson and the window man would not sell us new windows.  

This was an eye-opener, as a window salesman would not disturb the originality of the home.  

This made us love the house even more, even though they're drafty we have to embrace the original windows and adding Monray Storms, to preserve the interior integrity while adding funcationality of exterior Rvalue and draft reduction. 

They did a nice job completing the upper windows, Sy from S&P windows recommended Monray storms to protect original windows.  

 Historical Notes

At closing the previous owner delivered a memo that the home was built by Arthur Claussen, it was built originally for a mistress, learning the home was rooted in feminism.  Previous owner commissioned the production of the stained glass windows throughout the main floor,  restored the millwork, took amazing care of the home.   

Original floor to ceiling shaker cabinets are all intact in the kitchen.  Someone along the line had modernized the kitchen without compromising the originality of the style of the cabinets.  

One major to-do that Molly and Kyle want to tackle is a full woodwork restoration of the kitchen cabinets.  This would include a light sanding, stain bath, and multiple coats of new oil finish.

We would like to Thank Molly, Kyle, & Aoife for allowing us into their home!

Its refreshing to feel the understanding that preserving homes like this one, is a benefit and duty to the long term community in Minneapolis.  

We tell stories like there's to inspire, and press others to take the steps, and sacrifices that come along with saving a classic home.   --Steve @ Rare Form.