Kelsey & Leona's 1915 MLK Park Craftsman

Kelsey's journey as a first time buyer, created a level of competency over a 12 month real estate search, that many never achieve in their property skillset.  

She knew the market was piping hot after writing several offers around Nokomis and eventually landing a project home steps from Northbound in Standish.  

Following the home inspection in Nokomis, Gary from inspection solutions had discovered several areas of the foundation wall that had been patched and repaired from years of poor grading and water management.  

Kelsey wanted to tackle the project, and we always encourage our buyers to have determined and strategic approach when evaluating the renovation of a classic home.  In the case of 28th Ave, we could tell there was reluctance with the scale of work needed interior and exterior.  

40th & Nicollet came on the market on a tuesday weeks following Kelsey's call to end the negotiations in Standish.  

Timing is so critical in any market, she was so fortunate to have dropped it all, and ran through the home with us minutes after it was listed.   

Before mid afternoon arrived, we had drafted the certainty of a contingency-free purchase agreement.   A thorough yet unlicensed pre-evaluation of major systems in the home allowed our offer to be written with the conviction and emotion the sellers were seeking, as long time enthusiasts of their craftsman, they wanted to ensure it was passed to a right story and persona.  

Kelsey made this play happen, quicker and with more decisive brainpower than a bus load of competition.   We could not have greater pride in her ability to trust our advice on proeprty conidtion, offer strategy, and post purchase updating to ensure her structure is maintained and has staying power for decades to come.

Below is a snap of some of the patina, and spaces throughout the MLK bungalow.

The kitchen was opened to the dining in a tasteful manner, using white oak stained to match the original millwork.   Gary our inspector gave a decent punchlist to Kelsey at the inspection.   Grading and window sash cords top the list.   Overall the structure looked very clean.   

Luck struck during the home inspection, as we had negoitated a home warranty and the water heater blew out days prior to the inspection while the home was vacant, this was replaced prior to closing, which eliminated that from the immenent to-do list.

Craftsman homes from this era have cozy spaces from porch to porch.   The ease of furnishing the rooms, and instant ability to entertain in the comforts of walkable scene of Kingfield.  

Leona is Kelsey's playful and boundless energy of a pup, she played a role in the home search, as all pet lovers seek that outdoor space to give their four legged family a sense of pride from morning until night.  

Corner lot is fenced for privacy, and for the doggies!  Bonzer is below scoping Leona's future greens for the first time.  Mud spaces on both ends and the corner lot were huge selling points for the dog lover.


Period 1915 sconces wired into the dining buffet.   Piano windows are fixed for western light in the evenings.  The elusive craftsman is becoming more scarce in Kingfield as remodelers negate the built-in for the open-concept.  

Paris of Mortgages Unlimited visiting the house on closing day, following a joyful signing at Rare Form.   The conventional programs with lower down payment and MI percentages make the mid 200 price level on par with rental markets in most pockets of Mpls and St Paul.  

Congrats to Kelsey and Leona, you're reward for those cunning moves has already begun in caring for 1915 craft, and the walkable joys of South Minneapolis.