Radtke's Brooklyn Inspired Deco Apartment

Mr. Radtke, a Brooklyn relocation client, brought his incredible style and decor into our freshly restored deco era apartment. 

The results of our curated space, with his decor are remarkable.

We selected him as a steward for this space after a style interview, he accepted the challenge and killed the space planning and furnishing of our most recent apartment restoration.

3825 S 28th Ave-3.JPG

This was the last unit to be restored in the building.   We hired Kohls Systems to install a commercial closed cell foam roof.  This was the first step as the prior owners attempts to patch the membrane over the years had resulted in very poor ceilings throughout the upper units.

Crown molding and picture rail had a failed enamel, re coating was completed in Benjamin Moore Advance in waterborne gloss.  

Millwork was stained in dark ebony, a graphite/cream palette was the art direction.

3825 S 28th Ave-20.JPG

Lighting changes everything.  We invested blindly in the lighting for this unit.   Matching 20's era drop shades tie the living and dining together with timeless nod to the building's period.

3825 S 28th Ave-21.JPG

Radiators are finished in Metallic enamel in brass.  Full oil priming and prep was done prior to a several coat application. 

Two managerial items concerning these steps are picture rail hooks to keep the plaster smooth, and making the sure the tenants understand the amount of work and passion that goes into the radiator finish, ensuring they aren't used as shelving surfaces.

3825 S 28th Ave-19.JPG

Chris detailed out his dining/ office nook with a terrific blend of vintage eras.  The doorway into the modern kitchen was kept to maintain the social pretense of the dining space and to give the kitchen a full range/hood wall with symmetrical drawer banks.  

3825 S 28th Ave-18.JPG
3825 S 28th Ave-22.JPG

Project management is needed at every stage- here in the office niche, an armed sconce was roughed in too high, so it cannot be seen in the view.  Every restoration that is completed gives you a sharpened awareness of the right way to complete a period remodel.

3825 S 28th Ave-23.JPG

The kitchen is wall to wall a modern space, and we went on trend with shiplap walls, which in hindsight was a mistake.  While cozy pine in nature, and modern with the ebonized finish, we stay timeless with design for the most part, as chasing trends can be costly and ineffiecient for your classic home and the environement.

3825 S 28th Ave-17.JPG
3825 S 28th Ave-13.JPG
3825 S 28th Ave-15.JPG
3825 S 28th Ave-25.JPG

The three light drops in the center of the modern kitchen, tying the modernity of renovations back to the existing spaces is tasteful. 

Exposing the brick boiler chase added the loft vibe to the kitchen, floating shelves for cookbooks and barware were a needed finish.

3825 S 28th Ave-14.JPG
3825 S 28th Ave-27.JPG

Bath hex tile is circa 1927, we championed the radiator and placed the towel bar properly to create a warm towel experience in this top unit. 

Cast iron farm sink was rescued from a 1925 bath remodel in Standish, repurposed and modernized with single valve faucet from signature hardware.

3825 S 28th Ave-10.JPG
3825 S 28th Ave-12.JPG

One of our favorite lights in the space is the enameled bedroom flush fixture.  Thanks again Chris for being our most polished tenant in history.  

Rare Formers stay tuned for Chris's next play, as he is patiently seeking a craftsman era beuaty to adorn with his style and grace.  

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