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1925 Phelps Park Revival

1925 Phelps Park Revival

  3927 Chicago Ave S-28

Phelps Park is a 1925 craftsman four unit, owner by the previous owners since the 1930's.   Our contractors and design team have restored three of the four apartments over the past two years.   The aesthetic is simple and clean, focal emphasis is placed on the originality of the interior.

3927 Chicago Ave S-24

The lower unit is occupied by Owen & Alex, who relocated here from Fargo, North Dakota.   They have complimented the space with terrific and clean pieces, their cat Binx is quite social and serves as the greeter within their unit.

The upper unit below was the first unit renovated by us in winter of 2014.  The chair rail throughout warms us greatly to see it used as intended.   Walnut stain with a smoked charcoal tint finishes the oak hardwoods in the entire building.

3927 Chicago Ave S-4

Millwork restoration is one of the areas that we strive to really differentiate ourselves from the development community.   Its requires an immense patience and understanding of the process to create millwork that a Chris Craft wouldn't scoff at.   Is this application, we rough sanded the entire unit with 180-220 grit, then gave it a stain bath, which requires days and days of cure time, to finish we rolled and tipped two coats of gloss polyurethane, sanding in-between coats.

3927 Chicago Ave S-3

Celebrating the American Radiator Co. is one emphasized level of our restorations.   Below you will see the metallic coating applied, this is a custom order from Sherwin Williams, and while 2-3x the cost of typical enamel, it creates a superior bonded finish that exemplifies the quality and fortitude in each steel radiator.

The centered range hood offeres a modern pop amongst the craftsman spaces, the chandeliers in both kitchen and dining were saved from thrift stores in the rural midwest, and restored by John Reinhart of Residential Relics, who operates at Antiques Bel Air just steps from the Walker on Hennepin.3927 Chicago Ave S-23 3927 Chicago Ave S-5

Craftsman buffets within the building are so rare amongst the rental style apartments, as so many of them are removed, or damaged, or PAINTED WHITE!  We stripped and restored all of them to ensure they're kept long into the next decade.3927 Chicago Ave S-10 3927 Chicago Ave S-1

J. Jorgensen Design completed the simple kitchen style.   Upper cabinets are eliminated from the design to make way for eventual floating shelves.   The exposed brick column exists in nearly every classic home, the stack is serving as boiler venting stack for the HVAC, exposing this in every is a terrific value add that doesn't really affect the remodel budget.3927 Chicago Ave S-6 Butcher block is coated and sanded with three coats of emmets oil poly.  This creates a moisture barrier and allows for constant usage for 1-2 years before needing resealing again.  3927 Chicago Ave S-7 The original cabinetry in each unit was painstakingly restored.   This allows for minimal amount of new cabinetry, since the floor to ceiling original stack is overflowing with storage and function.   We have witnessed several clients demo this style of cabinetry to make for modern layouts- should that be the case contact us and we will reuse them in projects similar to this one!3927 Chicago Ave S-9 3927 Chicago Ave S-22 3927 Chicago Ave S-20 3927 Chicago Ave S-19 3927 Chicago Ave S-14Original ice box used for ice delivery in the 20's and kept perishables from doors in back hallway where dairy products were delivered, below is detail shot of radiator finish.3927 Chicago Ave S-26

The blend of wood tones creates a soothing mood in the space, walnut on the doors, original oak on the butcher block, and gloss chrome hardware for the classic finish.3927 Chicago Ave S-27

The original linen closets are terrific for towel and bath products storage, cleaning closet holds modern vacuum and tall items.   The closets in each unit are built out with walnut stained pine shelving, and dual hangers to compensate for their vintage size.3927 Chicago Ave S-13 3927 Chicago Ave S-11

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