1916 Preservation on Park

Andrew and Mindy have an amazing spirit.   Like many of our younger clients, Andrew and Mindy had researched the blog and followed the happenings of South Minneapolis.  They were drawn by the unique approach and particularly our passion for craftsman revivals. Mindy grew up east of the river, like many "StPaul" and "Mpls" families, there is a bit of a rivalry when it comes to the "other side of the river."  Mindy was very upfront that she had succumb to living and residing in Minneapolis as Andrew was so passionate about the communities and architecture in South Minneapolis.

Enter Andrew, born and raised on 40th & Blaisdell live in Kingfield.  Presently serving on the development board in ECCO neighborhood of Uptown. Andrew & Mindy had very clear in their intentions:  a burning desire to own a historic home, one that could be modernized and molded to their personas as they develop as young professionals.

One week later, the Park Ave craftsman bungalow that was pending inspection, came back on the market.  It was meant to be, and now we move forward with renovation plans, and the possibility of partaking in the Minneapolis Bungalow Club tour next May! Screen Shot 2014-04-15 at 8.40.40 PM

This historic craftsman was built in 1916, and offers amazing original woodwork.  Homes with oak paneled chair rails and buillt-ins galore, offer a terrific canvas to restore and preserve the heritage of early americana, while adding modern touches of today's living.  Andrew and Mindy were decisive and spot on with their assumptions.  Original character is priceless and increasingly rare, updated cosmetics can be added with one's own design sense. DSC_2814Poor Andrew, blindsided by this photograph, and the fact that he is showing their newly purchased home with too many family members in attendance.  1916 offers a terrific sprawling mantle and a wood-burner boxed in with finely crafted bookshelves, a pleasant fit for the well read Andrew and Mindy.  DSC_2815This reflection shot captures the passion Andrew has for 1920's architecture.  He too was gathering evidence with his Canon.  The dining room built-in is flanked with a wide beveled mirror for candid dinner 'selfies.'DSC_2819A flowing layout on the main floor with front sunroom serves as a terrific remedy to the common non television focused households of South Minneapolis.  The corbel style trim work is very rare, I have not seen a style like that in any home in Minneapolis over the past 5 years. DSC_2822The original radiators are definitely a talking point.  We prefer to sand prep and prime them, lastly 2-3 coats of high gloss oil enamel.  American Radiator Co. deserves to be in high gloss, especially after heating each winter since 1916.  DSC_2823The viewpoints within this main floor are truly historic.   One of the primary tasks we have is assisting the buyers with sourcing period correct fixtures for dining, living, and fireplace sconces.  This will be an exciting hunt!  DSC_2824 DSC_2826Blurred slightly by my movements, the built-ins have original lion head pulls throughout the main floor.DSC_2828 DSC_2830With an antique value of 1100 dollars, a radiator like this is priceless to the character and charm of a classic bungalow.  Dont let your suburban home remodeler fool you into thinking a forced air conversion is a good idea. DSC_2832 DSC_2834 DSC_2835The kitchen is one place, were the agent and sellers left a ton of leverage on the table.  Listing and selling a property without care for cosmetics is fiscal suicide.   Andrew and Mindy will gladly take on this project, we have already discussed a value derived plan for the five year kitchen, allowing them to tread water before the major design remodel happens.DSC_2838Terrific original hardware and skeleton keys, the sign of a cherished home over the past 100 years.  Andrew and Mindy will be repairing the foundation grade for the 98th birthday present :)DSC_2839Homes in this nature are candidates for a Rare Form woodwork revival seminar.   Sanding re-staining and built coats of marine varnish are all in this woodworks future.  DSC_2841Young and ambitious, Andrew and Mindy gaze out their future bedroom window, pondering the many years of action and happy days in Bryant.DSC_2842One of the most rewarding home DIY projects is the outdoor room.  We suggest hiring on of our landscape consultants to assist in an outdoor design direction.DSC_2843Phone booth anyone?  This original feature almost requires revival, will they get a landline?  Beep....DSC_2847This photo sums up the future of this home, Mindy caresses the stairwell mantle.  The attention starved wood is soon to endure a pampering.DSC_2849The respective gazes are worth a million words.  This living room will serve to many "fireside" chats for decades to come.  Congrats to you both, we look forward to seeing the revival and preservation of another historic Minneapolis home, true enthusiasm will be evident in short order.  DSC_2850 DSC_2852